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Two countries, two sets of houses, and two rows of boats that never crossed the invisible line in the water. Two sets of people, who were united in their love of sunsets and the sea. Two neighbours, who always waved and smiled across the One border they never created. 3LineTales Photo by Fabio Mangione via Unsplash

Writing Challenges

A lie less ordinary

photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha via Unsplash He could still hear his father's words: 'You'll never be special...just get a job. No son of mine is ever going to be a dancer.'  But, every night, after turning off the gaudy neon light at the family store, he would dance away his mundane day; this… Continue reading A lie less ordinary

Writing Challenges

Lens of life

Photo by Grant McCurdy via Unsplash It watched quietly as the people smiled, like so many had before them. The faces would change through the years, and those that remembered them would fade away too. But, it would carry their memories within itself forever. Faded yellows and frayed edges. Fragments of paper that had aged… Continue reading Lens of life

Writing Challenges

The Crossing…

The waiting room was cheerful and noisy with chatter. An elderly man watched one of the two doors in the room expectantly, while a teenager sat in the corner twirling her hair with her fingers, looking bored. A child played with a small dog, and a young woman with dark curls and large brown eyes surveyed the room… Continue reading The Crossing…