Writing Challenges

Expert, no apologies

Listen well, for this tale I tell is neither legend nor is it lore,

Its moral rings out true today, as it did in days of yore.

The creature that I’ll speak of lurks about and gives opinions,

And no one’s spared its acid tongue from Bombay to Asuncion.

You’ll see them rule the runways in Spring, and in the Fall,

When the truth is that, like you and me, they’re shopping at the mall.

And with one meal, they’ve decided without any hesitation,

If your restaurant will ever get another reservation.

At launches and at premieres, they’ll arrive to express their view,

Will it be a curtain call, or just curtains, for you?

The truth is that most of this breed can’t act, or cook, or sew,

It seem what they really do best is ‘being in the know’.

If having an opinion is their one and only shtick,

Tell me, pray, what is the point of the average critic?


In response to the Daily Prompt Expert


10 thoughts on “Expert, no apologies

    1. Thanks Sheryl…i loved your piece on Spellcheck….as a copy editor, I often find myself more frustrated with it than some of the more errant writers I have had to work with… but in the former’s defence ‘Ignore’ actually works 🙂


  1. Loved this! I am a film fanatic and am curious what critics have to say but their opinions will never stop me from seeing for myself. Trivia: I tried to guess what you were writing about from the first paragraph and failed badly: dragon expert. Must be the “lore” and “yore”…😀


    1. I do love dark poetry and fiction…But those who meet me find that very hard to believe as I am one of those eternal optimists, and almost eternally (and often annoyingly) cheerful….I suppose this is an outlet to explore other sides to me…thanks for stopping by…and the compliment. You write really well too…will be stopping by your blog a lot 🙂


      1. yes, i noticed that! you write well too, and you have a created a rather hot image of yours, my love! and thankyou so much, beautiful! and yes, maybe it is!


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